I’m proud of this recipe. I made it up as I went along which is why there are no measurements. Sorry!  This would be good with whatever veggies you have on hand mixed or subbed for the ones I used.

I served this with regular Alfredo for the non-vegans and with this recipe for vegan. https://minimalistbaker.com/30-minute-vegan-alfredo-vegan-gf/  (I’ve made this several times and it’s really good.  The only reason I had both versions of Alfredo is because I didn’t have enough left of this for everyone!)


1 large head or 2 smaller heads of broccoli
1 bunch of spinach, torn into pieces
4 cloves garlic, minced
1 can bamboo shoots, diced
Almond milk (hmmm...start with 2 cups and increase as needed. You want the 
 veggies to be covered so it will look really soupy at first.)
4 oz vegan cream cheese (optional)
garlic salt
onion powder
a little tumeric ( 1/2 tsp? adds color and flavor but not overwhelming)
jumbo pasta shells (approximately 15)

Cook pasta shells according to package directions and set aside.
Steam broccoli until tender.
Saute garlic and bamboo shoots until almost tender.  
Add in broccoli and spinach, stirring to break broccoli into smaller pieces.
Add almond milk (wish I would have measured that... cover the veggies and remember that you will thicken it.)
Add cream cheese if using and the spices.  Let simmer for a couple of minutes until everything you have the spices adjusted and everything is blended together and tender.  
Mix cornstarch with water and add to pan to thicken. 
Stuff the shells with the lovely veggie mixture.
You can warm the shells in the oven, covered with foil, for about 30 minutes at 350.
You can heat the in the microwave or freeze them for later.